by alexandra Dalton

by: Maria Fernanda López

Antigua is a tiny colonial city with a big attitude. It’s cobblestone streets and pastel-coloured houses are surrounded by mountains and three massive volcanoes, while its lively rum-and-reggaeton fuelled nights are usually accompanied by a lava show from Fuego Volcano, the most temperamental of the three. The easy-going lifestyle of Antigueños attracts people from all over the world, and its common to hear German and Korean among the local Kaqchikel and Spanish while you enjoy a fresh-brewed coffee from one of the surrounding farms. At 1,500 metres, the altitude and the area’s volcanic soil give the coffee its peculiar taste, though at Rascal we like to think that we can taste a little bit of Antigua’s cool-kid vibe every time we sip one of its delicious brews.