What is New Orleans Style Cold Brew? A Comprehensive Brew Guide

What is New Orleans Style Cold Brew? A Comprehensive Brew Guide

by alexandra Dalton

What is New Orleans Style Cold Brew?

Chicory Coffee is the coffee of New Orleans. It consists of a blend of both roasted coffee and roasted chicory.

Dark roasted chicory root, originally brought over the by the French, was used for many years as a coffee extender or substitute when times were hard, but New Orleans got a taste for the chocolatey, roasted notes of fresh coffee beans mixed with roasted chicory root and it's stuck around ever since, in the name of both Tradition, and deliciousness.

We've loved it for years - especially with a hot plate of Beignets, drowned in powdered sugar, and we've teamed up with our friends at Decatur - Cajun and Creole specialties based in east London l to bring a unique cold brew version of the coffee to you! 

Bosques de San Francisco - Combining Rich, Single Farm Bourbon and Caturra Beans from Bosques de San Francisco in Antigua, Guatemala, with notes of Plum & Chocolate with 25% Roasted Chicory, our blend is deliciously rich, and strong - and perfect for Cold-Brewing delicious New Orleans style Cold Brew Coffee this summer.

Brew Guide

  • Combine 1 Brew Bag with 600ml of cold water
  • Stir a few times so the bag gets fully saturated, then place into the fridge
  • Allow to cold-brew in the fridge overnight - 18-24hrs - the longer the stronger
  • We suggest serving the coffee over ice, mixed with approximately 50% milk of your choice and a healthy glug of maple syrup.
  • If you're drinking straight up/black, adjust the strength of the coffee with 50% water, as the bags brew a coffee concentrate, akin to espresso in strength!

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