Moccamaster KBG Select

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Rascal coffees are best enjoyed when filter brewed which is made easy by the sleek and stylish Moccamaster KBG Select. It perfectly synchronizes grind, brew time and temperature to brew world-class coffee in just 6 minutes. Since we've got you set on the coffee, all that's left is to choose a colour!

Technical details:

  • BPA, BPF, BFS, and pthathalte free
  • Perfect brewing temperature of 92-96 ° C
  • 6-10 cups within 6 minutes or 4-6 cups with a slower brewing process
  • 9-hole stainless steel flow pipe for optimum water distribution
  • Glass jug lid with mixing pipe for homogeneous coffee
  • Automatic drip stop when the jug is removed
  • Fire protection and energy efficient: when the water has run through, the heating element switches off
  • The hot plate keeps the coffee at 80-85 ° C and turns off automatically after 40 minutes
  • Extremely long lasting and 5-year warranty from manufacturer